About Us

People often say that the best ideas sometimes appear in the shower, riding the bus, mowing the lawn, and often, in your dreams. The latter is how Trail Embassy came to be.

It all started when Trail Embassy’s VP Pete was on assignment for a magazine article in Costa Rica. There, in the village of Nosara, Pete found himself taking few casual runs around the township. Nothing out of the ordinary. Before long, he learned of an ultra-jungle runner named Teo who could drag him places he would never find on his own…let alone get out alive if he did! Pete was in for the adventure of a lifetime as Teo, now a trail ambassador, took him on a stream-crossing, machete-wielding, snake-avoiding run through the jungle! The moral of the story is that this amazing life experience would never have happened without the enthusiasm and wisdom of a local. This would be the story that Pete filed to the magazine.

Sometime later, after the article was published, Trail Embassy President Brett took the article home to read. Brett had heard the story first-hand from Pete, but seeing it in print was more impressive and inspiring than ever. The adventure of these two strangers, the fun they had along the way, the resulting life-long friendship…there was something here…wasn’t there?

Inspired, Brett hit the hay that night thinking about the great story. The adventure, the fun, the friendship, the cool experience his friend got to have. And, corny as it may sound, it’s true! Brett had a dream that night about a website and awoke with the image of many colourful international flags in his head. There it was! A website to bring trail runners together from across this great planet. A network of people who host and guide each other on trail running adventures as they travel abroad. A group of passionate ambassadors who take pride in, and want to show off their local trails. Those special, hidden ones that only a local would know. A way for people to experience again and again, a day as epic as Pete’s jungle run.

Welcome to Trail Embassy!

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