Welcome to the Elevation and Endurance Leagues brought to you by Trail Embassy

Our leagues are a way to inspire and motivate you to get out and hit the trails this season by creating a bit of healthy-happy- friendly competition as you run, run, and run some more in order to stay atop the leaderboard. Accumulate elevation gain, or mileage and track your accomplishments through our website. If you’re a trail enthusiast, then for $5 bucks you can join the fun.

Stay motivated this season by:

  • Connect so you can challenge others on the leaderboard to a competition
  • Connecting with other runners in your area and head out together
  • Volunteer to be a guide and host another Trail Embassy member on your favourite trail
  • Watching your Trail Log fill up as you tally your accomplishments

Choose the Elevation League, the Endurance League, or try your luck at both.

1 Season – $5 Choose one season from either Elevation or Endurance League.
Annual – $15 Includes all four seasons from your choice of leagues.

A Trail Embassy Membership is included and will bring you benefits like:

  • Access to our social network where you can find Trail Friends to host you on runs while you travel abroad or when you’re running locally
  • Our pacer and crew directory (Launching Soon)
  • Training and Healthy Living Articles
  • Discounts on merchandise and popular race registration fees

We’re a group of trail enthusiasts with one common mission…to connect the planet one trail at a time.

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