Get Your Fitness Over the Wall

Get Your Fitness Over the Wall


Legs, grip, core and endurance get you over any obstacle

By Sean Sweeney; Photography by Neil Zeller; Facility provided by Cor.Fit

Thousands of people spend weekends getting sweaty, muddy, confused and, let’s face it, bloody, all in the name of fun and fitness in obstacle course racing.

Whether you are a beginner or seasoned off-road athlete, here are some training tips to get you fit for an OCR event or to tackle anything Mother Nature throws at you. While training on the obstacles themselves is ideal, an athlete can easily adapt these tips and workout to a home routine. Let’s get started!


Begin with an easy 5-8 minute run that changes direction (sideways, backwards and laterally). Add 10 full-extension lunges, 10 burpees and 40 jumping jacks.


1. Get a leg up

Training legs builds the strength and explosiveness needed to overcome many obstacles. Most people tend to rely on upper body strength in OCR, however muscling through an obstacle with your arms and shoulders may not be the best option, especially on longer races. Your upper body will fatigue much faster than your legs.


A. Scissor Lunges (Tabata style)

  • Begin with left foot forward, bent 90 degrees at the knee. Lower knee of  trailing leg almost to the ground. Bring hands to chest and explode to a full extension jump so feet switch positions.


B. Squat Jumps

  • With toes pointed out and feet shoulder width, squat as low as possible. Bring hands in front of your chest and explode out of the squat into a high jump. Land softly with bent knees.

Go hard for 20 seconds and rest 10 seconds, first with squat jumps, then scissor lunges and repeat 8 times.

2. Get a grip
Training grip strength will be key to any hang or hold obstacle. Hanging not only becomes a life-skill, but will save you from doing penalty burpees.

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