How do I know what level I’m at?

Whatever level you’re at, just know that you’re awesome! But here are some guidelines to help you consider where you land. Any runner can bounce between categories on any given day, so think of your average outing, and go from there!

Beginner: You run roads already, but you’re just starting out as a trail runner. Your runs are between 0 and 5 KM’s, and you find yourself taking periodic breaks. You hike steep, well-marked trails at a slow walk pace, taking periodic breaks.

Intermediate: Your runs are between 10 and 20 KM’s, and you have trail experience under your belt. You find yourself seeking out more challenging routes, with steep power hikes that have lots of elevation gain.

Difficult/Advanced: Your runs are 20 KM’s and beyond! You’re a well-seasoned trail runner that looks for long challenging routes pushing high elevation gain. You maintain your run at a consistent pace, no matter what the terrain dishes up. You can complete ultra-distances that are 42 KM and beyond.

What’s the difference between Trail Embassy and your typical Meet Up group?

Trail Embassy is a custom, membership based group that allows you to set up individual one-on-one meet ups at very specific times, with a specific person based on profiling. As a Trail Embassy member, you’ll never be without a running partner or guide, no matter what part of the world you find yourself in. Search for a host locally or abroad who will be a great fit for your ability and level of adventure.

Our site allows members to remain connected, building their network and maintaining it as they go. It’s like social networking for trail runners! Check out our Member Benefits page to learn about the other perks of joining Trail Embassy.

I’m new to trail running, is this the site for me?

Great question, in fact it’s the perfect place to start! Aside from connecting with runners of your ability, you can also connect with more experienced runners through friendship requests and connections. You may even request a run from someone more experienced who is passionate about helping newbies enjoy the sport! Join in on forum discussions to learn the basics from experienced runners, or learn the latest news from the trail running scene. Our training and wellness pages are sure to inspire you to get started!

I’m a veteran ultra-trail runner, is this the site for me?

It’s definitely the community for you to join. As a group, trail embassy members share the same passion for trail running that you do.  Find adventure by connecting with runners of your ability wherever you find yourself in the world. As an experienced runner, you know there are amazing trails that only a local knows about and Trail Embassy is the site to connect you to them.

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The website tool is great, is there an app to accompany it?

There is no app at this time but please stay tuned for one in the future.

I am planning a trip overseas and am thinking of hiring professional guides to take me on hiking day trips. Do you offer this service?

We are not professional or certified guides. We are a membership group of passionate, recreational trail users who act as ambassadors for our local trails. Join our club and you will have access to friendly trail guides all over the world.

I’m more of a hiker, is Trail Embassy for me?

Yes, yes, and absolutely! Trail Embassy is a great tool for hikers looking for a hiking buddy or someone to guide them through new terrain.